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BT to RJ11 6 Pin / Wire Telephone Cable 3m

BT to RJ11 6 Pin / Wire Telephone Cable 3m

BT to RJ11 6 Pin / Wire Telephone Cable 3m
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BT to RJ11 6 Pin / Wire Telephone Cable. This 6 core cable features 6 pins at both ends and is wired straight-through. Some devices may require a crossover cable. Please check before buying.

PLEASE NOTE: - There are 2, 4 and 6 pin cables, both straight-wired and cross-wired. Please check the original cable for the number of gold pins, both on the BT (white) plug and the RJ11 (clear) plug. Most cables have the same number of gold pins at both ends. However, some may have four pins at one end, and two at the other. A simple continuity test should reveal that two of the four pins are not connected.

Most devices use a straight-wired cable, but some use a cross-wired cable. Again, a simple continuity test on the original cable may reveal the type of cable required. As an example, a Sky, Sky+ and SkyHD box currently use a cross-wired cable.

Simple to Install,
Quality 6 Core Cable,

Connector A: BT 6 Pin Plug,
Connector B: RJ11 6 Pin Plug,

Length: 3 Metres

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